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Cachemire Navy Socks from Homecore


  • 37% Polyamide 32% Wool 22% Viscose 9% Cashmere
  • Made in Portugal 

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About Homecore

Homecore is considered to be the very first streetwear brand in France, because it was born in 1992. Its creator, Alexandre Guarneri, was already working at the time to destroy the clichés on the hip-hop movement. For him, hip-hop seeks to rise from the present moment, to offer something positive, to build another way of being together. Homecore offers a "street-chic" wardrobe, with shapes cleverly designed to suit everyone, pieces for when it's hot, when it rains, when it's cold. For him, clothes are not only made to flare up, but above all to live comfortably, it is necessary that what we feel is in accordance with what we reflect. The pieces are worked, even in the linings and the pockets. Each finish, each button, each fold has a purpose. Between jackets, shirts, pants or even sweaters and t-shirts, discover the Homecore wardrobe, at the forefront of streetwear trends.


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